Bringing together community stakeholders to create an intersection of understanding that can help our communities and youth thrive and grow

About Us

The CTG Foundation focuses on three pillars to support communities across the country – youth mentorship programs, law enforcement training and domestic abuse support. Through a variety of training resources, designed specifically for each audience, its experts create tailored programming to help empower its participants.

The CTG Foundation is led by retired New York Police Department Detective and former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Richard Baker and National Football League retired star Clifton Smith. Together, Baker and Smith are creating open dialogue between law enforcement, city officials and community organizers to create meaningful relationships among the youth in the communities in which they live, work and have served through sports and public service. Additionally, through key experts in their fields, Baker and Smith have deployed critical training programs to help provide support to those who need it most throughout communities across the country.

For youth mentorship, the CTG Foundation seamlessly brings organized youth sports to level the playing field by creating a mutual understanding of respect, sportsmanship and camaraderie among the communities, which then leads to open two-way communication to rebuild relationships. The program also provides mentorship to youths, ages 12-17 to nurture and help them become the future leaders of the community, with programs focused on self-esteem, character development and wellness. Mentors will help to improve the lives of the youth through a series of educational elements, while bonding activities outside of the sports programs will help law enforcement training to provide the foundation for healthy childhood and upliftment of the community. This will also serve as a crucial opportunity to open a channel of communication for all parties involved and create a moment of collaboration and inclusivity.

Key de-escalation training from experts, including Jonathan Burke, Founder of Next Level Combatives, provide a systematic approach to training individuals to scale down potentially violent interactions for law enforcement, counselors and domestic abuse victims.